How do I help my previously-bitten Lab who is anxious on walks?


Naomi from Somerset, UK writes: Hi Victoria i am 14 years old and I walk 2 Labrador dogs after school with another friend of mine that is also 14 for a job as their owners can’t walk them but there is a huge problem. When one of the labs was a puppy it got attacked by a white terrier and now both of them will try to attack every dog we see and it’s really hard to keep then in control also its very heart breaking as they are lovely dogs and all we want is them to be able to go out to the park without us having to look 24/7 for dogs that are coming round the corner. We just don’t know what to do any more. We could do with a lot of help as we love them so much and would like to carry on walking them without them biting another incoming dog.

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